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gant(1)                                                                     gant(1)

       gant - A build framework based on scripting Ant task using Groovy.

       gant [options] [target [target2 [target3] ...]]

       gant is a tool for working with Ant tasks but using Groovy as the scripting
       language rather than using XML as a specification language.

       By default it takes information from build.gant which describes the targets.

              Whether  to  cache the generated class and perform modified checks on
              the file before re-compilation.

              Print debug levels of information.

        -f,--file <build-file>
              Use the named build file instead of the default, build.gant.

              Print out this message.

        -l,--gantlib <library>
              A directory that contains classes to be used as extra Gant modules,

              Do not actually action any tasks.

              Print out a list of the possible targets.

              Do not print out much when executing.

              Print out nothing when executing.

              Print lots of extra information.

        -C, --cachedir <cache-file>
              The directory where to cache generated classes to.

        -D <name>=<value>
              Define <name> to have value <value>.  Creates a variable named <name>
              for use in the scripts and a property named <name> for the Ant tasks.

        -L,--lib <path>
              Add a directory to search for jars and classes.

        -P,--classpath <path-list>
              Specify a path list to search for jars and classes.

              Print out a list of the possible targets.

              Print the version number and exit.

       Gant and this manpage written by Russel Winder <>.

Russel Winder                        2008-05-24                             gant(1)