Prepackaged Distributions

Source and General Precompiled Distribution

Due to a management oversight, the 1.9.11 distribution files were not retrieved from the Codehaus repository before the repository went away. For various reasons, it is not possible to recreate the files. GitHub makes downloads for the release source files available:

1.9.11 Source Tarball Zipfile

All the artefacts for Gant 1.9.11 and many earlier versions remain on Maven Central. The groupId is org.codehaus.gant, the artifactId is one of gant_groovy2.0, gant_groovy2.1, gant_groovy2.2, gant_groovy2.3 (indicating which Groovy version the artefact was compiled against), and the version is 1.9.11.

The artefacts for Groovy 2.3.x should work with Groovy 2.4.x, pending release of Gant 1.10.0 which will be compiled for Groovy 2.4.8 but will work with any 2.4.x, and 2.5.x versions of Groovy.

A new release, 1.10.0, is being made. 1.10.0 is, in fact, a bug release over 1.9.11, but because of the change of build, supported Groovy versions, and base Java version, a new minor version is released:

1.10.0 Source Tarball Zipfile
1.10.0 Docs Tarball Zipfile
1.10.0 Binary, compiled for use with Groovy 2.4.8 installation Tarball Zipfile
1.10.0 Binary, standalone installation Tarball Zipfile

Installation of any of the binary distributions is simply a matter of extracting the distribution to the desired location. A directory gant-1.10.0 will be created.

Mac OS X using MacPorts

Mac OS X users can get Gant, and Groovy, using MacPorts. As at 2017-02-12T11:59+00:00 this has Gant 1.9.10 and Groovy 2.4.8.

Debian and Ubuntu Packages

Debian and Ubuntu users can install Gant using the usual package management system (apt-get and/or dpkg):

Wheezy (oldstable) 1.9.7
Jessie (stable) 1.9.9
Stretch (testing) 1.9.11
Sid (unstable) 1.9.11
Precise (12.04LTS) 1.9.7 http://packages.ubuntu/com/precise/gant
Trusty (16.04LTS) 1.9.9
Xenial (16.04LTS) 1.9.11 http://packages.ubuntu/com/xenial/gant
Yakkety (16.10) 1.9.11
Zesty 1.9.11

as at 2017-02-12T11:59+00:00. Gant always depends on the Groovy package, but this will get installed automatically if not already installed.

Fedora Packages

The page details all the Gant packages for the various Fedora versions. Sadly it seems they have retired the packaged for not being able to be built. No-one from Fedora project contacted anyone in the Groovy community about this :-(